Opal® Seal is a revolutionary new orthodontic primer that helps to both enhance the strength of the bracket bond on your teeth and improve your overall enamel health. We use Opal Seal when placing your braces to help your teeth stay healthy during orthodontic treatment. Before putting a bracket on your tooth, Dr. Derick Phan or Dr. James Bailey applies a thin layer of Opal Seal over the entire surface of the tooth. This keeps the bracket in place and also contributes to your enamel health.

Opal Seal works by acting as a “seal,” creating a barrier between your enamel and plaque by completely covering the tooth surface. This releases fluoride, which is an essential mineral that helps to preserve healthy enamel. Fluoride is found in many water sources and almost all toothpastes, and now it is in your orthodontic primer as well!

Because Opal Seal is virtually invisible, most people will not be able to see it on your teeth. Opal Seal in Dublin, California, can benefit patients of all ages, from children to adults, so be sure to ask our team about it when you visit us at Atlantis Orthodontics. It usually lasts several months, and our orthodontists may reapply it during your treatment as needed. For more information about Opal Seal and its benefits, we invite you to call 925-833-0535 or visit our office today.

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