Does your child often experience cavities? Our pediatric dentist, Dr. Jenny Hsu, at Atlantis Orthodontics and Pediatric Dental Specialists may recommend that they receive fluoride treatment during their dental cleaning and exam to strengthen their smile. Contact us at 925-833-0535 today to learn more about pediatric fluoride treatment in Dublin, California!

Fluoride is an important natural mineral that helps teeth by making the enamel stronger. It is often found in water and different kinds of food, so your child will already be getting fluoride from their daily diet and from any fluoridated toothpaste they may use. However, receiving a fluoride treatment from a dental professional allows your child additional protection against tooth decay.

Bacteria and sugars in the food and liquids your child ingests demineralize the tooth enamel, which leave the teeth vulnerable to cavities. Fluoride protects the teeth by demineralizing them and making them stronger against the threat of decay. Fluoride also helps keep developing teeth healthy.

We will check your child’s fluoride levels during their visit to see if they would benefit from a fluoride treatment. Fluoride treatments are quick and easy to provide, as we can apply fluoride as a foam, varnish or gel to the teeth in only a few minutes.

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